Meet our new coffee trailer – The Horse Box. Bringing freshly roasted coffee to events around the UK!

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Ben and Ellis in Coops' coffee trailer

It all started with a dream of owning our own coffee shop

Since launching Coops Roast, we’ve been overwhelmed with the success and growth of the company. Growing up, we always used to walk around the village where we lived, dreaming of the day we had our very own coffee shop.

Little did we know that years later we would be converting an old horse box into a coffee trailer, and touring the UK going to as many events as possible. It’s funny how things turn out, dreaming of working together we find ourselves providing what we’re passionate about and helping those who are truly in need in the process – it doesn’t get much better than that!

We love what events bring, having amazing encounters with people you wouldn’t have otherwise had. Plus, we get to supply the best and freshest coffee.

We feel strongly about the coffee that we serve

Whenever you’re at an event, walking around or standing still for hours on end, there’s nothing better than a delicious hot drink. Well, we get frustrated when the quality of the product isn’t up to scratch. So we make sure we’re costly yet, we don’t compromise on quality. All coffees served in our coffee trailer are roasted in the days leading up to the event by ourselves.

We also want to be super convenient. So you can count on us to allow you to make card payments at our coffee trailer, at no extra cost – because we completely believe in providing not only the best product but the best service. Whenever we go to events, we get overwhelmingly positive feedback, so you can definitely rest assured.

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