At Coops, we want to provide you quality coffee which is also ethical

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This is how the best, most convenient
coffee subscription company started

The idea emerged to create the best subscription coffee service out there, whilst not compromising on the quality of the coffee

We looked at our competitors, and although there are many offering subscriptions, very few are doing it well. So we saw the need

We researched the best price model, making our subscription cost effective, but enough to truly appreciate the effort that has gone into the process

We then decided to launch the most attractive service in our industry. Coffee subscriptions, serving the nation with the best coffee out there

No fluff, just a great cup

When we decided to launch Coops, we decided to leave the fluff out of it. Not like some companies who describe their coffee as jammy dodgers; we never understood that anyway. Why do you want your well deserved coffee to taste like a biscuit? You won’t get that nonsense here.

Coffee farmer

We then made a commitment to be as ethical as we could be

We didn’t want to create an ethical company because it ‘looks good’, but instead we want to help create better lives for those we interact with. This means from the farmer to you drinking our coffee, everything is hunky dory.

So, with that in mind, you can drink with a clean conscience that you have done your bit in making the world a slightly better and more accommodating place.

We started roasting and perfected our method

Before we decided to start selling our delicious roast, we wanted to completely perfect our method; so we roasted until our hearts were content.

We’re super passionate about the quality of our coffee that we always test the batch before selling and delivering it to you. We want our customers to love our coffee as much as we do, so we don’t sleep until we get it right.


But that’s enough about us, what are you waiting for?

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