Freshly roasted coffee, say hello to Coops

Our mission is to provide the nation with freshly roasted coffee easily, starting at £6.95


You’re in control. We want to give you as much flexibility as possible, so if you want to change your delivery date, just email in and we’ll change it! We never want you to run out of freshly roasted coffee.


Our subscription starts at £6.95. This means you receive one bag of coffee per month. This includes 1st class delivery, so you can drink your freshly roasted coffee as soon as possible.


We love to reward loyalty. If you’re so loyal that you sign up your friends, we’ll make sure that you don’t run out of Coops coffee. Imagine a world where freshly roasted coffee is free? Coops coffee, too?

Step One

Sign up to Coops


Step Two

Choose your bean,
We have 5 to choose from


Step Three

Choose your grind,
cafetiere, drip or espresso?


Step Four

Choose how frequently
you want your coffee


Step Five

Enjoy your delicious cup of
Coops coffee


Step Six

Share your experience,
receive a discount


As you like it

Never have too much or too little coffee, you’re in control. We want to make your subscription as easy for you to manage as possible. Going away? Cool! Just freeze your account and have a great time away! Want to change your delivery date completely? Awesome! Tell us your new and preferred date

But that’s enough about us, what are you waiting for?

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